Complete Furniture Repair

Cabinet Refinishing is a fantastic way to change the look of your cabinets at a fraction of the cost of replacing. With a very extensive background in fine furniture finishes we understand what will and will not work. We understand what it takes to produce an attractive, stable and durable finish. View our repair projects: Repairs, Refinishing, Antique Repair

Damaged Furniture Repair

Did Fido chew on Nana’s china hutch? Did your son, the linebacker, demolish your dining chair leaning back in it at dinner last night? How about that nightstand that wasn’t tied down quite good enough when you were moving last week? For twenty years we’ve been perfecting the art of touchup. From gouges and scratches to loose joints and broken legs. What’s often times most difficult in repairs is color matching and blending. This is where we excel and create a seamless look for your piece. Over our many years in the business we have the knowledge and experience to really impress you.

Antique Restoration

Not sure if the vanity you left in the back yard for 3 ½ years can be brought back to life? Did you turn that old sewing machine of Aunt M’s in to a plant stand, only to see the veneer ruined by spilt water? Not sure if the Eames Lounge chair, that you found on Craigslist, is repairable? Many of our clients come to us with family heirlooms that have been used and abused. These are some of the most rewarding projects for us. To see a client’s face light up when they see a piece of furniture that they remember from childhood come back to life is a special thing.

Furniture Refinishing

Need to redo a coffee table top because the nail polish remover seeped through the newspaper you put down? Did you place pumpkins and gourds on the top of your table during the holidays, causing damage to the top of your dining table? Did Uncle Charlie spill his aftershave on your dresser in the guest room? Or do you simply want to change the color of a bedroom set that was passed down from your grandparents? We got you covered!

Our mission at Golden Rule is to please you

We want you to enjoy being in your new space. We want to work with you to create your perfect space. If you have ideas, we want to hear them. If you need help with design, we are happy to help you in that way as well. We pride ourselves on working with you to achieve the perfect outcome. 

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